College Party Guru

Whether it is Lindsey Lohan in the news for her insane party and clubbing life or Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic rants, Celebrity Scandals are constantly in the news. Why not mock and relive these funny moments with a Celebrity Scandals Theme Party. Let the inspiration flow with ideas for your next house party.

Nothing screams perfection like a day spent ocean-side on the pillow-like white sand of a tropical location. Unfortunately, few college campuses are within the vicinity of those dream worthy sandy beaches. If you refuse to submit to idea of not being able to tan at the edge of the ocean’s tide, then the Beach Party should be your theme of choice.

From the Mayan date of December 21st, 2012 to the numerous Nostradamus predictions and Y2K, the end of the world has become a popular topic in our culture - one that most people fear and spend hours preparing for. With little more then booze and sex on your mind raise a glass to the sky with fellow students stating “bring it on!”

Looking for an easy way to make a fruity mix drink at your next kickback? Well let flavors from your childhood take your college drinks to the next level. Learn how you can make five different great tasting drinks out of Jolly Ranchers. Similar to making Skittles Vodka, turn your favorite candy into a flavorful drink.

You’re pregaming with friends in your apartment when all of a sudden you realize “Shit, Where is the party at?” You got so stoked for a good night ahead but you don’t know anything going on. Sure you could just have your own kickback but you really wanted to rage tonight! Well we have some tips to help you stay in the know.

When you go to a college party don’t be “that guy” (or girl). Every time you are having a good time someone has to throw everything off with a party foul. This will either result in you having a bad night or even getting thrown out! Read about different types of college party fouls to better avoid those situations at your next party.

Every since the “real” Four Loko’s were banned the college party scene hasn’t been the same. Before, you could pound a couple Four Loko’s and you just wanted to kiss, fuck or fight everyone! Well now you can have the glory days back because we have the details for you to make your own Four Loko drink called Falso Loko.

Skittles Vodka is a great way to make a sweat drink at your next party. It’s the perfect drink that all your friends can take shots too instead of just having straight liquor. What makes it great is that it is also easy and cheap to make. One large bag of Skittles and you can have five awesome different tasting drinks!